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Icebergs the size of islands limitless horizons crystalline waters teeming with life Antarctica is more than you’ve ever imagined join Grand Circle Cruise Line to discover the wonders of the seventh continent for yourself on the adventure of a lifetime the small ship cruise tour offers enchanting views of stunning natural landscapes that larger ships cannot provide accompanied by a small group of fellow travelers. You’ll marvel at the natural beauty of some of the world’s most fascinating landscapes both on land, and aboard your ship with a rich itinerary and So much included, it’s easy to see what makes this both a great trip, and a great value you can improve your value, and make the most of your airfare with optional trip extensions discover bariloche argentina Patagonian Andes, and lakes, and iguazu falls argentina, and brazil from your hometown. You’ll set out on a journey of discovery we’ll begin in Buenos Aires then fly to Oshawa the world’s southernmost city before commencing our Antarctic expedition our cruise takes us through the Beagle Channel, and beyond Tierra del Fuego to the Drake Passage, and route to the world of rugged islands, and icebergs at the bottom of the world our crews will then feature a selection of Antarctic highlights for example we may visit deception island port lockroy, and Paradise Harbor before returning to swaha on this journey.

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You’ll witness the all inspiring landscapes of Antarctica view electric blue-white icebergs sculpted by the elements into dramatic formations see an astonishing variety of wildlife perhaps whales dolphins penguins seals, and albatross, and cruise through stunning narrow passages between towering rock faces, and glaciers your small ship cruise tour will feature unique educational, and social activities that add to your discoveries set out for shore excursions aboard small inflatable crafts called zodiacs treading lightly in this pristine environment to ensure that it remains unspoiled for future generations, and while onboard your enjoy informative presentations from our expert expedition team take in new sights from the deck, and make new friends with your fellow travelers all of which should help you to connect more closely with the people. You’ll meet, and the places. You’ll see throughout your trip since all our program directors live in the region they serve they offer a wealth of authentic insight on local life they’ll give you the backstory on all the places you visit while on your small ship cruise tour, and delight you along the way with their personal attention, and warm ways during your cruise.

You’ll set sail aboard a vessel exclusively chartered for Grand Circle traveling’s, and designed for exploration enjoying the services of your Grand Circle program director, and the ship’s expert staff, it’s inviting public areas offer unimpeded view as you sail, and its small size allows us to get up close to the off-the-beaten-path destinations allowing for unique discoveries during your explorations of Antarctica. You’ll dine on freshly prepared internationally inspired meals crafted by our ship’s expert chefs, and all of your meals from buffet breakfasts to sit-down lunches, and dinners are included onboard, it’s excellent understood the staff as goes out of their way to take care of you just. I love the wine at dinner included the maitre d is right there take care of every one of your needs good during your time on land conveniently located hotels put you within reach of local areas of interest hotel amenities always include a restaurant, and bar for socializing while rooms feature a full complement of modern amenities join us in bariloche argentina to discover a retreat in the Patagonian Andes surrounded by sparkling lakes enjoy beautiful views from the hilltops, and sample the area’s Alpine culture as you visit a family-owned craft brewery, and a working sheep ranch or add one at South America’s greatest natural wonders in iguazu falls argentina, and brazil from stunning vantage points in two countries enjoy an up-close view of these thundering cascades which are taller, and wider than Niagara once it was the final frontier for even the most intrepid explorers but with Grand Circle the white wilderness of Antarctica is now well within your reach discover the dazzling beauty the amazing wildlife the rewarding comradery the sense of awe that will make this the standout adventure of your life.

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