Kansas Map

Kansas Map


Located west of Kansas City in northeast Kansas, Clinton Lake is a 7,000-acre reservoir which is administered by the Army Corps of Engineers. The area is open to the public for recreational use. Included are oak-hickory forests, with some high bluffs along the shoreline of the reservior. White-tailed deer, coyote, fox, and beaver are among the wildlife.

Activities: Hiking and backpacking are possible on the 4-mile George Lathan Memorial Trail, which circles around 450-acre Woodridge Park, one of several small Corps of Engineers parks next to the reservoir. Fishing is also available. Hunting is prohibited in Woodridge Park but allowed outside park boundaries.

Camping Regulations: Backpack camping is permitted anywhere in Woodridge Park, and restricted to that park. Campsites should be at least 100 feet from the trail. Elsewhere in the area camping is limited to campgrounds.



National Grassland

For Further Information: Clinton Lake, c/o U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Route 1, Box 120G, Lawrence, KS 66044; (913)843-7665.

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