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I’m Jess and, I’m Steven, and we’re flying the net for the last three years we mean posting our ventures daily around the world if you are new around here make sure you hit comment Southeast Asia is a very popular destination for backpackers, and travellers around the world especially those who are deciding to head to Thailand, and the Philippines last year we spent some time in a little hidden gem which I don’t think is on a lot of people’s radars we’re here to tell you why you need to head to Malaysia in 2018 number ten explore the city of kulilin phone Apple employees a capital city of Malaysia, and probably the city you flew into, and it is well worth spending a couple of days here before heading off, and seeing the rest of Malaysia now this is one of the most pristine, and cleanest cities that we’ve ever been to in Asia, and there’s an iconic site there which you cannot miss the Petronas Towers Steven is obsessed with posting, and taking photos of the Petronas Towers no when we arrived we didn’t realize it was Earth Day.

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So we arrived late at night looked for the towers, and couldn’t see them anywhere, and people say that this is the number one hotel to see the Petronas Towers. But when we pulled up the Aster were like why can’t we see the Petronas Towers like it’s Earth Hour where are the Sun bit ripped off all the lights were off, and this barely ever happens. So we were able to sit in a hotel room, and watch the lights turn back on it was such a cool experience they’re just boys up for the sunrise let us realize there’s this amazingly beautiful park just in front of the towers. So number nine once you’re done in the capital city make sure you head out into the wilderness we recommend you go check out Morocco my road for me repose rosemary I think, I’m saying that right this area is filled with over 400 caves which are well worth exploring it’s only about 85 they’ve actually been explored.

So when you go exploring the caves you put on helmet switch on your life you track through the water, and then you go into the caves there were bats I think we saw some snake skins as well what’s a snake skin doing up there why what type of weed snakes do you have here in Malaysia it is well worth the adventure, and when you come out the other side you open up to beautiful pristine jungles that’s pretty much inside the cave where we were just walking through number 8 edia traditional malay meal with the locals now the Malaysians are super friendly, and we were lucky enough to be invited twice into Malaysians homes, and they cooked us a traditional meal now we didn’t realise that there were certain clothes you needed to wear when you’re going to dinner. So they’re called sarong oh we call the sarong in Australia no no the girls have to wear at the boys central as well, and Stephen had a bit of struggle putting these on yeah. So then we had some locals trying to show me how to do it, and I still fail I should be. But it is such a cool experience. Because a lot of the local Malaysians especially be legal, and porn you get the authentic experience they eat on the floor which is yeah different to what we do. But they also eat with their hands. So you grab like some rice you mix it in with your curry, and you just eat it yeah there’s also like all these rules as well like he had to eat with a certain hand, and the way that you have to wash your hand, and how you grab food not over people, and stuff it was so interesting it was almost like a bit of a ritual yeah those certain rules.

But you know the locals didn’t mind they didn’t speak a word of English they laughed at how we did, I’m so friendly, and the food is delicious number seven make sure you go see the street art, and try the food in Penang now Penang Island is just off the coast of Malaysia it’s actually super easy to get to you can just train it to a local translation even jump on the local boats to get there. But when you finally arrive in Penang it is filled with beautiful art that is interactive these guys have found their souls of photography if you do like food which we do there are so many restaurants there all the Malaysians will tell you that they had to Penang to get the good foods. So when you’re there take full advantage of it when we went there we ended up grabbing a map, and it showed you all the places that the street art was that, and then we just ran around the streets trying to find as many as we could also we saw this guy in the streets which tops off Penang Bob’s number six go hiking in Baker National Park now Baker National Park is in Kuching which is in Borneo now this island is off the coast of the mainland Malaysia. So just keep that in mind when planning your trip now this National Park is a stunning area filled with rainforests waterfalls secluded beaches, and wildlife. So to get there you need to catch a boat from Baker village thank you thank you guys how amazing is this you’ve just stopped off in the middle of this National Park, and there’s no one yeah, and when you arrive there are sixteen color-coded trails, and hikes that you can do. But if you have the time.

Because there are so many trails, and beautiful sights to see try to stay a night there you’ll get so much more enjoyment out of it this humid, I’m sweating. But it doesn’t matter this has got to be one of the most beautiful rainforest hikes that we’ve done number five is go, and see the Batu Caves just outside of Kula Lumpur now I know this is another cave experience. But this is completely different to the ones in America. So when you arrive you agree to to an incredible golden hindu statue, and that’s just the beginning pour dollar uber ride out of the city took us about 20 minutes to get Ian’s entrance is free you can’t do a donation cuz it is a temple. But it’s a Hindu temple. So once you climb the 160 steps to the caves that’s where all the fun begins they’ve built temples inside of these caves, and the architecture is it well worth the climb up there definitely check it out especially if you just have a layover in Colombo, and have enough time to leave the airport wow this looks like something out straight out of Tomb Raider number four volunteer with orangutangs now in Tai ping on an island called orangutan island you can go, and volunteer with I think it was over 16 orangutangs, and the reason this place. So unique is that they aren’t the ones in the cages we are so when you arrive if you’re walking through walkways that are covered in cages.

So the whole island is free for the orangutan to roam, and this is really cool. Because we never knew Iranian teens make nests like nests in the tree as birds do have their babies. So while we were there we helped feeding cleaning, and observing the orangutangs it was such a unique experience today Eisley get me just poppy dog eyes we whole time. So coming in at number three is have that resort experience in Asia we decided to stay at the Hilton in Kota Kinabalu, and this is great for those travels you just want to sit on the beach drink some cocktails, and enjoy life there are a lot of adventurous activities you can do at the hotel almost like a little hub in itself yeah we went parasailing we went on a hike remember in the morning, and had breakfast overlooking Mount Kinabalu it was beautiful they’ve got the path they can look out it was our first time trying Tiffin yaki which is like a Japanese dish. But we have that there, and we may have had some cheeky massages right eventually ended a Malaysian strip doing that yeah. So nice they filled up our bath or Eva dinner with some rose petals, and number two for those that don’t want the resort experience you need to go, and camp in the Malaysian jungle. So during our time in marathon we spent a night in the jungle now this wasn’t just your standard campaign we were literally sleeping under leaves basically we had to create our tent.

So we gathered leaves built it up we did bring some food with us we prepared it with the local river we made a fire, and stayed the night if the food is done. So that is good news we totally guess there’s no oven beeper timer we don’t even know how hot that fire is this is basic, and rusty as you can get just leave a grill yes how much do you feel like you’re trekking through Jurassic Park right now. So coming in at number one is dive at the Purina Islands now this is the place we actually call the Maldives of Malaysia. So if you’re looking for a cheap Maldives getaway make sure you head here we actually had the worst weather when we were there. But we’re still greeted with days like this guys do not travel during rainy season okay I think there’s only like one or two months of the year for some reason that’s when we visited. So don’t go during rainy season. But there are a lot of activities you can do like scuba diving snorkeling you can do kayaking, and even heading down to romantic beach.

But while we were there we actually went, and volunteered with sea turtles looking for the sea turtles. So we can hopefully ID them all right Steve graphite some turtles if you have any luck I found a big leaf now this is an incredible experience to do if you want to add a bit more sustenance to your holiday even if you want to be a tourist, and stay on the beach it’s well worth heading there. So the island is actually made up of two major islands there’s big island, and small island, and we stayed on small island with the locals. But big island is more if you want to go for that result yeah my sort holiday getaway welcome to paradise everyone we’ve just caught the little local boat across the island we’ve been blessed with some Sun, I’m so happy it is seriously paradise this island. So that is our top ten list of things to do in Malaysia if you are Malaysian where you’ve been before, and we miss something out make sure you leave a comment below. Because we want this to be a hub of travelers recommending different things to do thanks for reading, and make sure you give this post a thumbs up comment I will see you guys next time little.

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