Berlin Metro Map

Berlin Metro Map


Monsieur Vuong, Alte Schonhauser Str. 46. U2: Rosa Luxembourg Platz. People who live here have this strange obsession with Monsieur Vuong’s glass noodle salad (‚6.50). It’s odd. Really, no one orders anything else. Other things ‚6-9. Open M-Sa noon-midnight, Su 4pm-midnight.

Taba, Torstr. 164. U8: Rosenthaler PI. A roomy Brazilian restaurant and bar. Dishes are pricey, but the vast, ‚6.50 buffet on M and Th is tasty and filling. Live music F-Su, occasionally charges cover after 10pm. Open Su and Tu-Sa from 7pm. O Amrit II, Oranienburgerstr. 50. SI: Oranienburgerstr. Indian entrees run high (‚9) but can be shared. The original location in Kreuzberg, Oranienstr. 202, has same hours. Dada Falafel, Linienstr. 132. SI or S2 to Oranienburgertor. Ich habe sow el getanzt dass ich ganz und gar hungrig bin.” (I have danced so much that I am hungry.) Was willst du essen?” (What do you want to eat?) Falafel. (Falafel.) Lass uns zu Dada gehen.” (Then let us go to Dada.) Serves the business crowd by day and the clubgoers by night. Falafelschwarma sandwiches ‚3. Open Su-Th 10am-2am, F-Sa until 4am. Beth Cafe, Tucholskystr. 40, just off Auguststr. SI, 2, or 25 to Oranienburger Str. Kosher eats for cheap: Falafel (‚3.20) or a bagel with lox and cream cheese (‚2.50). Courtyard perfect for afternoon tea. Open M-Th and Su llam-lOpm, F llam-5pm.


UDie Feinbeckerei, Vorbergstr. 2. U7: Kleistpark. The menu has schwabish and “not schwabish sections; Let’s Go recommends ordering from the schwabish one. Southern German cuisine, unassuming and full of carbohydrates. Try the cheese Spatzle with herbs (‚6.50). Open daily noon-midnight.

Baharat Falafel, Winterfeldtstr. 37. Ul: Nollendorfpl. This ain’t no greasy Doner stand-it’s all about falafel. Five plump chick-pea balls in a fluffy pita, covered with veggies and heavenly sesame, mango, or chili sauce (‚3-4). Wash it down with fresh-squeezed Gute-Laune Saft (good mood juice). Open daily 8am-4am. Closed the last week in July. Cafe Bilderbuch, Akazienstr. 28. U7: Eisenacher Str. Fringed lamps, oak bookcases and fat viridian sofas give Cafe Bilderbuch the feel of a Venetian library. Tasty brunch baskets served around the clock (‚8). Oct.-Apr. you can swing or tango at Sunday afternoon Tantzee. Open M-Th 9am-lam, F-Sa 9am-2am, Su lOam-lam.

Fish and Vegetables, Goltzstr. 32. Ul: Nollendorfpl. Generous portions of Thai food (‚4-5). Open Su-Th 1 lam-midnight, F-Sa llam-lam.

Cafe Sidney, Winterfeldtstr. 40 (216 52 53). Ul: Nollendorfpl. Enjoy any of a mouthwatering panoply of sandwiches from ‚5. It gets packed in the evening due to its well-stocked bar and prime Nollendorfpl. locale. Open Su-Th 9am-2am, F-Sa 9am-3am.


Cafe V, Lausitzer PI. 12. Ul: Gorlitzer Bahnhof. Top-of-the-line, bottom of the food chain. Berlin’s oldest vegetarian restaurant also serves fish. Try the Spinatballchen mit Kase SauBe (‚7) or any of the equally tasty specials (‚6-7). Open daily 10am-2am.

Abendmahl, Muskauer Str. 9 (612 51 70). Ul: Gorlitzer Bahnhof. A favorite of gay and lesbian Berliners. Sorrel cream soup and fish carpaccio are trumped by fabulously macabre deserts-the Last Date is ice cream petit-fours shaped like coffins. If you can’t afford the dessert of your choice, buy a postcard of it. Open daily from 6pm.

Weinhaus Hoff, ReichenbergerStr. 116 (342 08 13). Ul: Gorlitzer Bahnhof. Delicious Swabian specialties in an out-of-the-way restaurant lined with wine bottles. Pork fillet with mushroom cream and Spatzle ‚7.50. Open M-Sa 4pm-midnight.

Blue Nile, Tempelhofer Ufer 6 (25 29 46 55). Ul: Mocknerbrucke. It’s hard to get to and the food takes an age, but with a flask of honey wine (‚2.50), you won’t mind a bit. All the meals at this Ethiopian restaurant are served on injera, a traditional spongy sourdough bread. Vegetarian or meat combos ‚7-12. Open 3pm-midnight.

Melek Pastanesi, Oranienstr. 28. Ul: Kottbusser Tor. Delicious Turkish pastries for pocket change. lOOg baklava ‚0.80. Open 24hr. to satisfy late-night cravings.

Sarod’s Thai Restaurant, Friesenstr. 22. U7: Gneisenaustr. All-you-can-eat weekdays noon-4pm for ‚5. Open M-F noon-ll:30pm, Sa-Su 2pm-ll:30pm.

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