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In a country tucked away from the rest of the world deep in the Himalayan mountain there is a nation fiercely protective of its traditions, and peaceful way of life flags made from recycled clothing cast the prayers inscribed upon them into the wind spreading well wishes of peace, and prosperity to those nearby local monks, and pilgrims from afar spear Scrolls inscribed with sacred texts called mantra they believe this act will remove the barriers on their path to enlightenment what cultural treasure might you find on your path here the International gateway to Bhutan is Paro.

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A town of, the street life is relatively quiet as are its markets quite a different story for the fiery passions the Bhutanese feel for their national sport archery archery here is more than a one-dimensional exercise it is a means of strengthening the body the mind, and the spirit in the midst of some good-natured competition with friends, and neighbors across the bridge is the monastery ring pon de zon which means heaps of jewels all its treasure was lost in a fire in within.

Its walls is a rebuilt collection of masks, and cultural artifacts dating back several centuries you on ascent of a nearby hill reveals cliff side meditation at the monastery of toxin built in this structure encompasses a cave system where the Bhutanese deity, and guru padma some bubble is thought to have meditated for three years he is credited with introducing buddhism to bhutan experience the true identity of this mountain kingdom explore its cliffside temples, and get to know, it’s warm, and generous people bouton the last shangri-la.

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