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Hooroo Bamba a small town in Peru is nestled within the sacred valley of the incas over years ago the Incas farmed this valley they disappeared but the farming potential of the valley continues today the Urubamba Valley supports a primarily agricultural community for locals the day begins with children heading towards school through the school breakfast program students now receive a meal they might not otherwise be able to afford as a result attendance has become more regular students are more attentive during class they have limited resources but are determined to learn, and they have aspirations for the future while poor bombas students are at school others labor in local crafts ceramic Oh seminary OHS started over years ago with a young couple the organization has grown to over artisans what’s a child.

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I saw these ancient ceramics and I always wonder. How these were then there is dating there are techniques and So on shortly after lunch the school day concludes, and the children move on to help their parents with the afternoon tests gets a fresh locally-grown all of us businesses here at the market are often owned, and run by women, and the women are often the main source of income for their families we’re coming for me. This is the unknown once at home women take on the role of preparing dinner for the family you see here Leonor was preparing the body yes the batter then upside down very carefully into the hot aisle created with locally grown vegetables from the market Rocko to wrangle is a common dish, it’s made from a spicy rokoko pepper filled with garlic ground beef olives, and raisins dinner is the time for families, and their guests to celebrate life in Obama another day has passed.

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