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The whisper of a whale the call of an eagle the thundering crack of a glacier. This is Alaska your Alaska glistening glaciers the tower at the water’s edge, and you’re. So close you can feel the rock of the ship when they soaring Eagles that come to rest in the treetops, and you hear their calls as clearly as if they were on your shoulder a breaching whale slaps the water with Unleashed power, and you share the moment knowing, it’s one.

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You’ll always remember. This is the stuff that dreams are made of Kruse West will bring you close to alaska’s people too with more ports of call than all other cruise lines put together cruise West gives you more choices more beauty more breathtaking wonder why settle for less join the dance when native children beckon you celebrate the legacy of Alaska’s first white settlers explore the unique sense of pride, and place that goes with being Alaska from the first stirrings of spring to the early termination dust that signals the coming of winter crews West’s exploration style ships explore Alaska all of Alaska nosing into narrow fjords, and shallow inlets where larger vessels cannot venture to the far northern reaches of the Bering Sea where petrified forests have stood Sentinel for million years where people who follow the traditions their ancestors have embraced for thousands of years will open their homes, and hearts to you join us for a voyage of almost, miles exploring the extraordinary lands, and waters between Anchorage, and Nome to the Arctic Circle, and beyond come discover Alaska as it was meant to be experienced up close casual person step into a small inflatable craft, and go where no peers or Doc’s await you. This is the wilderness, and you are part of it connected through all your senses when nature puts on a show.

You’ll have a front-row seat whether, it’s from the deck in an inflatable excursion craft or from the big viewing window in your private cabin you’re right there no rushing for a window seat no craning your neck no tedious scanning with a telephoto lens. This is the Alaska you’ve read about heard about always wanted to see, and see it you will what’s more. You’ll see it in the style you like best longing for a little luxury then take a look at our flagship spirit of Oceanus she’s regal she’s sleek, and she’s beautifully appointed in all suite Comfort excited about exploration then check out our nimble small ships they can take you into hidden places that nobody else can reach or maybe you’d like a taste of the past you can travel in stylish comfort from the days of the gold rush with our full fleet of small ships in Alaska the choice is up to you all of our ships are outfitted to take you closer inflatable excursion craft give you almost unlimited access to Alaska’s wonders Alaska is a lifetime journey, and until you’ve explored the great interior you’ve hardly scratched the surface of this great land.

This is one of the last great wild places on earth come with us to wilderness trails where access is limited two hidden lodges with nature envelops you discover all of Alaska with crews west you.

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