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1721 Kenilworth Ave. 704/334-2037,

HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 10 A.M.-6 P.M. Sun. 1-6 P.M.

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Owner Melanie Mauldin started selling sterling silver jewelry at home shows and holiday markets. In

1993, she opened her first store in Columbia, South Carolina. Her empire has grown to include 13 stores, including this bustling location in Dilworth. The jewelry ranges from small and understated to chunky and colorful. Each of the pieces isyou guessed ithandpicked from artisans around the world. The store has stayed true to its roots and continues to specialize in sterling silver pieces. There is also a collectionHandPicked Originalsof pieces made from semi-precious stones. The jewelry in the collection is made in limited quantities especially for HandPicked (complete with a little sterling silver hand on the clasp), giving it an almost-one-of-a-kind feel.

HandPicked is the best place in City to find great accessories.

Pay, mony, Pay as mony, and trusting. Santa Ana Map Tourist Attractions Pay is Grain, Pork, Beef, & c. at the prices sett by the General Santa Ana Map Tourist Attractions Court that Year; mony is pieces of Eight, Ryalls, or Boston or Bay shillings as they call them, or Good hard money, as sometimes silver coin is termed by them; also Wampom, vizt. Indian beads wch serves for change. Pay as mony is provisions, as aforesd one Third cheaper then as the Assembly or Gene’ Court sets it; and Trust as they and the mercht agree for time. Now, when the buyer comes to ask for a comodity, sometimes before the merchant answers that he has it, he sais, is Your pay redy? Perhaps the Chap Reply’s Yes: what do You pay in? say’s the merchant.

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