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Origen says it clearly: “We are baptized with visible water and visible chrism according to the tradition of the church” in Rom. comm. V,8. Baptismal washing and anointing with chrism are designated by the one name “baptism,” a generalized use in those times, with one important exception: Tertullian, author of the first large monographic work De baptismo. He stresses that the water is able to produce miraculous effects by virtue of its previous consecration with the Spirit and with the epiclesis of God’s name; he further specifies that, in baptism with water, the Holy Spirit proper is not given: “Rather, in the baptismal washing we are purified by an angel sent by the Holy Spirit” 6. Baptismal immersion is followed by anointing, in analogy with the priestly anointing of the OT and with Christ’s own anointing 7. Then follows “laying on of hands with the words of blessing which invoke the Holy Spirit” 8. But despite this singular formulation, which contains the true kernel of the matter since it more distinctly recognizes a particular infusion of the Spirit, different from that of baptism in a strict sense, the whole remains an indissoluble unity, designated as baptismus aqua, to which the wonderful consecutio aeternitatis is attributed as to a unitary action 2.

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1775 In response to the deteriorating situation in Boston, the Philadelphia Subway Map Hillsborough Congress convenes. The Congress authorizes the use of 1,000 professional soldiers and 3, Philadelphia Subway Map 000 less skilled minutemen. Despite this, North Carolina is sharply divided and poorly prepared to fight a war. 1776 The Provincial Congress meets at Halifax. This body draws up a constitution that establishes the supremacy of the legislature. On April 12, the Congress votes to send a delegate to the Second Continental Congress, thereby declaring itself independent from Great Britain and tying its fate to the other rebellious colonies. Matthew Jennings Pennsylvania Before 1600 Human occupation of the area today known as Pennsylvania began more than 16,000 years ago. The earliest evidence of these settlements is found in present-day Washington County.

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