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I, e.g. emphasizes that the baptizand wears the same tunic that clothed the Lord in purity and incorruptibility on Mt. Tabor. In general in the Fathers of the church, the white baptismal garment comes to signify resurrection to new life and the reacquisition of primitive innocence, a status which must be preserved always so as to attain immortality; hence it is eschatological V. Pavan, La veste, 264. Following an ancient tradition, Jerome associates white with festivity and rejoicing Ep. 118,4; in Cyril of Jerusalem the white nuptial garment in the parable of Mt 22:2-14 is the good inner disposition with which we must approach the heavenly bridegroom’s banquet Procatech. 3. An illustration in the purple codex of Rossano Calabria shows the wise virgins of Mt 25:1-13 in paradise, clothed in white in contrast with the multicolored clothing of the foolish virgins. Opposite to white is black, which thus becomes a symbol of death, darkness, evil, the devil Barn. 4,10; Herm. Sim. IX, 19,1. Another illustration in the purple codex of Rossano depicts Barabbas dressed in black. I Clem. 8,3 makes red and black the colors of sin, citing Is 1:18. For Augustine, black indicates sin and affliction Civ. Dei XI, 23. But Cyprian Mort. 20 censures the use of black for mourning and suggests wearing white to more aptly indicate the heavenly beatitude of the departed a concept which, in certain aspects, has been reaffirmed by Vatican II: see Constitutio de sacra liturgia 81. Finally, a black or dark tunic, as earlier an animal-skin garment or belt see Gen 3:21; Mt 3:4, is a sign of penitence and and humility; it is considered although sometimes with censure typical of ascetics and monks since it expressed the mortification of the senses and disdain for the world Jerome, Ep. 66,13; Greg. Naz. Carm. II, 1,44,27ff.. Dark violet or deep blue were equivalent to black in ancient times, as iconographical evidence proposed by E. Kirschbaum, L’angelo, 218ff. confirms.

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