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Every year, there are thousands of people who report seeing dark, shadowy figures, human-shaped mists and other physical manifestations of people who cannot possibly be there. If closely studied, most of these reports can easily be dismissed as misperceptions, hallucinations and over-active imaginations.

In spite of that, there are a small percentage of reports that, even under study, cannot be explained or dismissed. It is this small percentage of unexplained sightings that drive us to learn more, to investigate and, once and for all, fully explain, validate or dismiss the existence of ghosts.

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It covers an area of 96 m in length, is 20 m across and stands 8.5 m high. The bows face to the NNW. If the bell is recovered it should be inscribed The Aepos was an iron-hulled 630-ton steam cargo vessel measuring 51.86 m in length, with a 7.95-m beam and a 4.13-m draught. W. Lindbergs Warfs and Werkstads A/B, Stockholm, Sweden built and completed her in 1873 as Yard No. 89.

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