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They answered, From France. What are you doing Wichita Map here? said the Adelantado. This is the territory of King Philip II. I order Wichita Map you to leave directly; for I neither know who you are nor what you want here. The French commander then replied, I am bringing soldiers and supplies to the fort of the King of France. He then asked the name of the general of our fleet, and was told, Pedro Menendez de Aviles, Captain-general of the King of Spain, who have come to hang all Lutherans I find here.

Our general then asked him the name of his commander, and he replied, Lord Gasto. While this parleying was going on, a long-boat was sent from the galley to the flagship. The person charged with this errand managed to do it so secretly that we could not hear what was said; but we understood the reply of the French to be, I am the admiral, which made us think he wished to surrender, as they were in so small a force.

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