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CONCORDIA. When the Roman colony was settled, ca. 42 B.C. at the crossing of the Via Postumia and the Via Annia on the site of a previous vicus, Roman penetration in the region had been going on for centuries. The immediate purpose in founding Iulia Concordia was to settle veterans in fertile territory, and initially it shared the general conditions of well being and peace. In the last years of the empire, Concordia’s strategic importance increased continually and it became the seat of a military arsenal specializing in the production of sagittae, according to the information in the 5th-c. Notitia Dignitatum, confirmed by a fair number of inscriptions. Excavations near the parish church of St. Stephen and the Romanesque baptistery have uncovered an important early Christian complex, which illuminates the obscure period of the territory’s Christian origins and is itself illumined by the famous address in dedicatione ecclesiae Sermo XXVI, now ascribed by J. Lemari© to Chromatius of Aquileia 388408.

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Opitchapam the Kings brother invited him to his house, where Tokyo Map Tourist Attractions , with as many platters of bread, foule, and wild beasts, as did environ him Tokyo Map Tourist Attractions , he bid him wellcome; but not any of them would eate a bit with him, but put up all the remainder in Baskets. At his returne to Opechancanoughs, all the Kings women, and their children, flocked about him for their parts, as a due by Custome, to be merry with such fragments. But his waking mind in hydeous dreames did oft see wondrous shapes, Of bodies strange, and huge in growth, and of stupendious makes. How Powhatan entertained him.

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