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In numerous photos we have taken containing colored orbs, with just a little review and common sense, we were able to identify the color of the orb with something else in the room or area. For example, orange, green and brown orbs are often captured outside. These colors are found in plants and trees.

There are actually genuine orbs, or balls of energy. Ball lightning is an example. These energy orbs can be seen with the naked eye and are a scientific reality. Because they are balls of energy, and spirits are believed to be an energy-based phenomena, we can’t completely dismiss the idea that some energy orbs may actually represent real spirit manifestation. We will say that 99% of orbs are really nothing. Because of that, our Haunted Travels books will never include orbs as evidence. Sorry orbologists.

Enter the Matrix – Photos of Apparitions in the Window

Let’s move on to that ghostly face or apparition in the window. We have seen many of these photos that, at first glance, appear genuine. While there may be some that are valid evidence, the photos we’ve seen and investigated have turned out to be the result of natural causes. You need to look at the surroundings inside and outside of the building.

The glass in windows, by its very nature, can easily pick up reflections. If there is a suspect paranormal image in the window, check to see what might be causing it. There could be other buildings, trees or even another investigator’s reflection in the glass. A very common cause of window images is the sky. Clouds can easily look like a woman in white or that evil demon the photo captured.

Corpus Christi Metro Map Photo Gallery

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