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A local council, presided over by Acacius, accepted Zeno’s Henoticon. 492 and 496. In 492 Patriarch Euphemius convoked the bishops present at Constantinople, got the validity of the deliberations of Chalcedon confirmed and entered relations with Gelasius of Rome in an attempt to resolve the Acacian schism. For this and other reasons he attracted the wrath of the emperor Anastasius, who had him deposed by a council called in 496. 497498. Macedonius, elected patriarch of Constantinople in place of the deposed Euphemius, subscribed to the Henoticon, for which many monks of the capital broke off communion with him. To heal the breach he called a local council, which confirmed the validity of the Chalcedonian decrees and kept silent about the Henoticon. The surviving records of these events are not very coherent. 518. In the antimonophysite reaction that took place at Constantinople after Emperor Justin’s election, Patriarch John II, faced with requests from the people and monks, convoked ca. 40 bishops who were in Constantinople at the time. The metropolitan of Heraclea presided in the absence of John, who was represented. The names of patriarchs Euphemius and Macedonius and of Pope Leo were restored to the diptychs, the validity of the Council of Chalcedon was recognized and Severus of Antioch was condemned.

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1735 The first part of the second volume of Catesby’ Las Vegas Metro Map s Natural History is submitted to the Royal Society on January 20. The whole work will not Las Vegas Metro Map be completed until April 16, 1747. 1736 Dr. William Douglass, an opponent of smallpox inoculation in 1721 (he had since accepted the practice), leads the formation of the Boston Medical Society, which is devoted to advancing medical knowledge. Douglass also publishes a clinical study of the recent New England scarlet fever epidemic, The Practical History of A New Epidemical Eruptive Military Fever, with an Angina Ulcusculosa, Which Prevailed in Boston, New England, in the Years 1735 and 1736. 1737 Country’s first commercial botanical garden and nursery is established at Flushing, New York, by the French Huguenot settler Robert Prince. His descendants will continue to own it until 1869.

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