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A business and handicraft settlement already existed here in the 11th century at the cross road of the important European trading routes protected by the Libzi Castle. In 1165 Leipzig had freedom of the town which enabled it to hold foreign trade fairs and is regarded as the birth certificate of the Leipzig Trade Fair which celebrated its 825th jubilee in 1990. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was one of the many celebrities who studied at the University founded in 1409, the second oldest after Heidelberg. Johann Sebastian Bach also composed most of his work here (1685-1750).

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Let me show you He filled my bucket and sloshed it over the area I was working, sprinkled a handful of sand, then wiped the cement block smoothly over the surface. I tried it. It was much easier. Each day was a shock: each day I encountered something that was so new and alien that I didn’t know how to act. Starling and I were a source of huge amusement to the officers and crew, who never tired of finding new ways to make us look ridiculous. Over the first few days we took equal amounts of humiliation, although after that, to my dismay, I found myself being singled out as the prime target. Starling re-enforced his position of second-from-bottom by cunningly toadying to the officers and playing round-eyed admiring pupil to the ABs. I became wound up with rage: I saw him as a crawler although could do nothing as I helplessly watched him swim upstream, leaving me firmly marooned on the bottom rung of life on SS Valvata, as the lowest person in the lowest position; the lowest form of marine life. After several weeks, when most of the well-worn jokes had been exhausted and I had learned the fundamentals – one end of the ship from the other; who did what; how the day at sea was put together – things eased off and I began to be accepted as a cadet, rather than a cadet who was also an imbecile. But those first four weeks – they were truly awful.

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