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354 Congress St. Boston; (617) 542-7416

Boston’s longtime, dedicated avant-garde troupe. Run by its artist members, Mobius presents experimental works in theater as well as dance, music, and art installations. They offer a continuous schedule of performance art pieces, usually on weekends. Tickets are $5 to $10. Don’t miss the gallery and its wonderful exhibits; see the listing under Art Galleries for more information.

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The Arbutus (Official No.18205) was an iron-hulled 356-ton passenger steamer, completed by T. Toward at Newcastle and launched on 1 November 1854. She measured 54.86 metres in length, had a 7.1-m beam and a 3.65-m draught. The single iron screw was powered by a 75-hp, two-cylinder simple steam engine that used one square boiler. The cylinders measured 87.63 cm and 76. 2 cm (34.5 in. and 30 in.). In 1884 she was renamed Por and registered to J. Tulloch and Co. of Aberdeen. Between 1884 and 1890 she was renamed Arbutus. Interestingly, the bell from this little vessel was auctioned by Jim Railton near Durham in 2005, so divers obviously recovered it. It has also been suggested that the 454-ton steamer Gothenburg, built in April 1854 by Scott Russell, struck the Goldstone Rock and sank in 1890.

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