Dolly’s Late Night Restaurant US Map & Phone & Address

382 Highland Ave. Somerville; (617) 628-0888 Attention night owls! Near Davis Square, this place lives up to its name, opening every night at 11 p.m. and serving food until 4 a.m. on weekdays, 5 A.M. on weekends. It’s very popular with the Tufts crowd; this, plus a certain lack of competition, can make Dolly’s a tough table late at night

The menu is a sort of twist on classic greasy-spoon. Have a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich for $2.25, or a hamburger with bacon, lettuce, and tomato for $3.65. The chicken-salad sandwich ($4.75), when it’s on the daily blackboard, is made with giant hunks of chicken breast piled high on a bed of lettuce in a bulkie roll and served with fries. Use both hands.

You can also get a huge Western omelette ($5.25), chicken fingers ($3.95), French toast ($2.55), or a tossed salad ($3.25). Then it gets weirder, with a vast assortment of combinations like sirloin steak and eggs for $5.99. Even Mine, a confirmed night person, finds that a bit much for the hour. Still, when you have that craving for a chocolate milkshake in the middle of the night, Dolly’s is the place to go.

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