Brattle Theatre US Map & Phone & Address

Brattle Theatre US Map & Phone & Address

40 Brattle St. Cambridge; (617) 876-6837

The Boston area’s mother of all repertory cinemas, the Brattle puts out a massive calendar every two months with dozens of classic films, series of tributes to stars and directors, and occasional premieres. Most dates offer double features, with ticket prices of $6 for the pair. If you only make the last showing, that’s $5. You can get a book of six tickets for $30; or better yet, for $50, become a Brattle member and get in for $4 anytime for a year. Members also get two free guest passes and various other goodies.

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The builder’s nameplate, which was located in 1974, positively identified the wreck. It is sheltered from the main currents and it is possible to dive the site at most states of the tide, although the area is prone to a lot of backwash from the island during strong south and southeasterly winds. A bit more care should also be taken when diving close to the northeast corner on the flood near high tide, due to the strong current running between Brownsman and Staple Islands. Visibility is often in the region of 15 metres during the summer months after a spell of westerly winds. Kittiwake Gully is a dead end v-shaped canyon at the southern corner of Staple Island and very close to the Pinnacles. Depths vary from 2-7 metres and the visibility is usually excellent. The canyon will be of special interest to the avid underwater photographer who wants that one-off picture of diving seabirds, as they dart by in their dozens. It is sheltered from the currents but very prone to a southerly swell. The sheer cliff walls of the Pinnacles next door are also an interesting dive site and you can combine the two sites into one. The smell around this area, especially during the nesting season, can be quite overpowering on the surface and you get a lot of the bird droppings in the water, but as a photographer it can be worth putting up with.

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