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He with the tongs pursued Archbald back through the alley, Kolkata Map Tourist Attractions collar’d and laid him over the head with the tongs. The noise brought people together Kolkata Map Tourist Attractions , and John Hix a young lad, coming up, knock’d the soldier down, but let him get up again; and more lads gathering, drove them back to the barrack, where the boys stood some time as it were to keep them in. In less than a minute 10 or 12 of them came out with drawn cutlasses, clubs, and bayonets, and set upon the unarmed boys and young folks, who stood them a little while but, finding the inequality of their equipment, dispersed.

On hearing the noise, one Samuel Atwood, came up to see what was the matter, and entering the alley from dock square, heard the latter part of the combat, and when the boys dispersed he met the 10 or 12 soldiers aforesaid rushing down the alley towards the square, and asked them if they intended to murder the people? They answered Yes, by G d, root and branch! With that one of them struck Mr. Atwood with a club, which was repeated by another and being unarmed, he turned to go off, and received a wound on the left shoulder which reached the bone and gave him much pain. Retreating a few steps Mr.

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