Kamala Beach Phuket

Kamala Beach is located North of Patong. It is about two kilometer long and many long staying visitors have their house or bungalow here. The beach is definitely a more relaxed alternative to the nightlife scene in Patong. They are regular bus service to and from Phuket Town during the day; you can also choose to go by tuk-tuk or taxi.

Kamala Beach

Please have a look at the attached Video. We think this gives you much better first impression of what you will expect there than by some pictures only. http: / / youtu. be/s1LT wrq498 g? hd= 1

Kamala Beach Phuket Photo Gallery

When approaching the islands downwind you are greeted by the horrible stench emitted by the thick carpet of white guano and accompanying bulky, smelly nests of the main colony of breeding cormorants on the Farnes. The top of the two Wamses have a light covering of peaty soil which encourages small numbers of puffins to breed and, to add to the putrid smell, nesting alongside their burrows are some 800 pairs of guillemots, fulmars, shags, eider ducks, kittiwakes, lesser black-backed and herring gulls. At least three recorded sailing vessels have been wrecked on the North Wamses: in September 1842, a lighter (a sailing vessel carrying fly ash) was wrecked there, then in June 1894, the brig Formica came to grief and on 2 January 1916, the schooner Spica of Riga ran aground. In 1987, I discovered the identity of another vessel which was wrecked on the North Wamses but was never recorded. In February 1987, my wife Rose and I were strolling around the old harbour at Seahouses, which was almost deserted except for the odd trawler coming or going and a few boatmen preparing their trip boats for the expected tourist invasion at Easter. We met up with an old friend from Wakefield, Peter Zemlik. Peter and his pals from Wakefield BSAC invited me out for a dive with them at the Farnes, even though the islands were shrouded in a wintry, icy mist and looked really desolate. Aware that I knew the islands like the back of my hand, Pete asked me to choose a site that was rather sheltered and suitable for his two novice divers. I suggested we try the western side of the North Wamses, with ample shelter in the lea of the protruding reefs and a depth of only 7 metres. Two of the guys agreed to handle the boat and I went in with Pete and his two novices, although Pete told me just to do my own thing’ and not to worry, as he would look after them.

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