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17341735 John Peter Zenger, printer of the New York Weekly Taiwan Map Tourist Attractions Journal, stands trial for libel when the paper (the organ of a faction opposed to Governor Taiwan Map Tourist Attractions Cosby) publishes several editorials scathingly critical of the governor. Zenger’s defense argues that such statements, if they can be proved truthful, do not constitute libel, and the defense seeks to therefore convince the jury of the essential truth of the criticisms leveled at Cosby.

The jury agrees, and Zenger is acquitted. The short-term result of the case is that political opposition to royal prerogative (in the person of the governor) is legitimized. The case’s lasting significance is in the precedent it sets, which will ultimately become the basis for freedom of the press in the Country republic. James Alexander, a prominent member of the anti-Cosby faction, will write an account of the case (Brief Narrative of the Case and Tryal of John Peter Zenger), published by Zenger in 1736. The Narrative becomes one of the more significant expressions of the libertarian impulse within the colonies’ developing political culture. 17371741 New York is governed by Lord De La Warr, who is an absentee governor for most of this period.

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