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Latest Technology In Paranormal Investigation

There are several pieces of equipment that have become standard technology found in a paranormal investigator’s gear bag. Still cameras, hand-held night vision video cameras, and audio recorders are among the most common. Others include thermo gauges, electro-magnetic field detectors, and motion detectors. Certainly the multicamera nightvision DVR system is desired, though more expensive. Of course, if the investigator has a few extra thousand dollars, they’ll pick up the coveted heat-signature camera thermo-imager.

Of all these, however, the single most important piece of equipment is the flashlight. Yes, that’s right, the flashlight. Whether exploring the darkest recesses of some abandoned prison or even the back room of a haunted theater, the flashlight is the most critical piece of equipment to have in your hand. It is your lifeline to sanity and will steer you safely across broken floors or old, rickety stairways.

Recently, there has been a variety of new equipment introduced into the paranormal community. They are said to improve identification of paranormal phenomena. Some of this equipment does seem to hold promise others, however, are more toys than important pieces of technology to add to your paranormal gear bag. Though new equipment is popping up all the time, here a few that seem to be gaining popularity:

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