Mike Buchanan Trip Leader to New Zealand

Hi I’m Mike Buchanan. I’m a trip leader with overseas adventure travel is now in my th year with my new zealand background. I do a lot of new zealand only grew as.

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I was born in the hawke’s bay area of New Zealand, and a little little town for viral, and after only about months my parents got a job in a logging company in the middle of the native timber industry in New Zealand we live there for years. I went to a multi-year school we were taught the english curriculum in fact in those days in the s, and s it was frowned upon to to be taught in the mouldy language, and even moldy people was frowned upon to be to have anything to do with their language fortunately has changed considerably now their their culture is quite unique in the world why. I have an advantage at the moment.

Because part of the pure New Zealand program is to what they call a day in the life experience, and the talent they chose happens to be where my family ended up in a exotic pine plantation terrible mood Oh pattern New Zealanders is the wilderness, and it has every geographical feature in the whole world one can cannot come to New Zealand without drawing a honey where the food is cooked underground their meal am poor chicken the Maori sweet potato the kumara gets all cooked together cure my name is mike, and i’d like you to join me on a trip to New Zealand the world administer you.

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