Chic Holidays In Eco-friendly Locations

Chic a word evoking images of elegance, style and sophistication; eco-friendly a term that means earth-friendly in ways that will not harm the environment. When the two words are combined in the tourism industry, the result is a line of chic resorts with eco-friendly designs, amenities and facilities in exotic locations from the Seychelles to Indonesia, among other countries.

And there is no other line of resorts that embodies eco-friendly chic than that of Chic Collection, a company dedicated to providing its discerning client¨le with a wide range of eco-friendly and chic resorts in many of the world’s best locations. The resorts are designed with sustainability, durability and beauty in mind while doing as little harm to the surrounding environment as possible, thus, ensuring that the guests enjoy the best of both worlds modern facilities set amidst natural surroundings.

Traditional building materials and methods are also used in the construction of the structures. Local ingredients for the food and beverages are also sourced, thus, contributing to the livelihood of local businesses as well as lessening the company’s carbon footprint (i.e. less transportation costs involving the use of petroleum products).

Here are two of the best locations for enjoying chic holidays in eco-friendly locations.

#1 Desroches Island, Seychelles

Considered as one of the most pristine islands of the world, Desroches is in the Amirantes, a group of islands on a remote coral atoll. Desroches has more than 14 kilometres of pristine beaches and lush island vegetation, even large areas of virgin rainforest, which provide the backdrop for a private escape for the lucky few. This is as close to a paradise on Earth as you can get with your loved one, such as on your honeymoon or weekend escapade.

The island is protected by law, thus, the absence of commercial fishing activities. As such, Desroches and its surrounding islands are natural sanctuaries filled with beautiful marine flora and fauna, which are perfect for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving enthusiasts. Even people who want to enjoy the beauty of underwater caves and labyrinths will find plenty of opportunities to satisfy their adrenaline rush.

#2 Alila Villas Uluwatu, Indonesia

Indonesia is a land of beautiful islands with Bali being one of the most beautiful in the country. Here, the famous Alila Villas Uluwatu continues to welcome guests to its luxurious villas set on an elevated plateau. Here, the occupants of villas can marvel at the spectacular sights from morning till night, thanks to the views of the ocean, the limestone cliffs, and the rest of the property.

The entire resort was designed with environmentally sustainable materials and methods in trademark Balinese style. The gentle sea breeze cools the interiors, thus, lessening energy use while the amenities including the food and beverages are all sourced locally. This is, after all, a resort designed according to the stringent Green Globe standards as well as certified in accordance with its Best Practice Building, Planning and Design.

If you want to enjoy a guilt-free vacation where eco-friendly matters are concerned, then choose from these two fabulous resorts now!

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