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1788 More states ratify the Constitution: Georgia (January 2 Oakland Subway Map ), Connecticut (January 9), Massachusetts (February 6), Maryland (April 28), South Carolina Oakland Subway Map (May 23), and New Hampshire (June 21). Although Rhode Island had voted against ratification (April 24), the required number of states to approve the Constitution has been reached. On July 2, Congress is notified that the Constitution has achieved the required number of state approvals for ratification. On August 2, North Carolina’s first attempt to ratify the Constitution fails.

The last session of Congress under the Articles of Confederation is held on October 12. 1789 In February, Delaware prohibits slavery. Electors unanimously vote George Washington to power as the first president of the United States under the Constitution. In March, the new national government under the Constitution goes into official operation. George Washington states that becoming president is like a culprit going to the place of his execution. He is inaugurated as the first president of the United States at Federal Hall in New York City on April 30.

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