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1710 Kenilworth Ave. 704/338-9778,

HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 10 A.M.-7 P.M. Sun. noon-4 P.M.

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Bag Lady is the retail version of a chick flick. Women descend on the little store in search of inspiration and understanding in the form of self-help books, motivational artwork, and humorous gifts (who doesn’t need a boxing nun puppet?). The staff, who refer to themselves as Bagettes, feel more like friends than shopkeepers and are quick to strike up conversations with shoppers. The store also has an impressive collection of artwork, including the only collection of Mary Anne Radmacher original watercolors in the country and one-of-a-kind Story People sculptures, as well as a selection of work by local artists. A packed schedule of eventsart classes, tarot-card readings, author signings, book-club meetingsgives the shop a community-center vibe.

The former settled southward on the Chesapeake Bay; the latter Sri Lanka Metro Map , on the Kennebeck, or Sagadahoc River. Each had its territorial rights secured by a patent Sri Lanka Metro Map . In the year 1620, a dispute arose between them about the fisheries at Cape Cod, when a new patent was given. The Bristol Company, which received an accession of some persons of rank and distinction, changed its name to that of the Plymouth Council, and obtained a right to all the lands lying above the 40th degree up to the 48th degree of north latitude, which was three degrees farther north than the former grant, and included the greater part of Acadia, or New Scotland, and also extended westward from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean: all this was included in New England. The rest remained under Virginia. About the same time the Hollanders undertook to steal into these Country harbors.

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