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Their grandparents strolled with them, singing to them and keeping Suzhou Map Tourist Attractions them amused with the delight of people who love children. Mr Liu was enthusiastic to help Suzhou Map Tourist Attractions me try to find the house where my grandparents had lived in Beijing. They came to China in 1919 and lived first in Shanghai (where their two sons were bom). A few years later they moved to Hankow and then to Beijing, where they lived for seven years before moving on to Tientsin. In those days foreigners in Beijing usually lived in the Legation Quarter. (There were legations – including British, French, American – and each group had its own army guards, for ceremonial purposes.

The apparition of a man has been seen in the basement and people have felt cold spots. No one knows who the man is or why he remains.

People also hear music in the theater. The apparition of a woman in a beautiful formal gown is frequently seen and heard. We asked Laura who she thought the woman was. Without hesitation she responded, “Madame Modjeska.”

Helena Opid was born in Krakow, Poland in 1840. She would eventually marry her guardian, actor Gustave Sianmier, and took his stage name, Modrzejewska, eventually shortened to Modjeska.

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