Toshi Inoguchi Japan Tour Guide

Hey My name is Tasha in Iguchi. I’m from Yokohama Japan. I’m at the trip leader of idiots cultural treasure japan the house applause.

This is used as a kind of museum, and on the on the right side. This is to be used by a family yes. I was grown up in the Chiba Prefecture near Tokyo there was the little fishing town.

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I’m very interested in history, and traveling so I work as a true leader at the same time. I study myself old, and the middle, and modern history of Japan of course will visit the famous, and beautiful sights or the our temples but also.

I try to include the other things which can be a very memorable to the traverse Japan has the very long history, and of course the very beautiful nature and I find that the travelers are very much impressed with the beauties of disciplines gardens were the buildings or the statues of the Buddha canoga of course is one of the most beautiful gardens in Japan the cherry blossoms the bloom for only short while at most the tweaks, and it’s gone this fits to the temples people to sentiment please come, and visit them. So that you can also see the beauty in many ways the in Japan you.

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