Mercado Central de San Pedro in Cusco Peru

This bustling market behind me is Mercado San Pedro, and it’s not really a tourist market, it’s not where you buy your tourist items. This is where you get your food and vegetables, people from all of the surrounding hills come here and sell all their crops.

Mercado Central de San Pedro in Cusco Peru Photo Gallery

Hola, que tan, mucho gusto. This market is really well known for its juices, and there’s juice stands everywhere, and I think I’m gonna try one. Salut . It does not get any more fresh than that, it’s incredible. On the other side of the aisle from the fruit juices are the carnes, the meats, and they have just about everything you could ever imagine. I’ve never seen this much meat in my life.

Quinoa comes from all over this area, and there’s about a thousand different types, and at this market they see a lot of those. And not only quinoa but chia, chia seeds are becoming very popular in the western world, and that’s all from right here in Peru. Cusco is known as the bread basket of potatoes, and they grow over 3,000 different types in this area. Lot of potatoes here.

So she told me that I should bring this home to my girlfriend, and if she can peel this all in one piece, that means she is meant for me. This market is definitely one of my favorite places in all of Cusco, it’s full of color and smiling faces, and they have pretty much every type of food you could ever imagine, and it’s just an explosion for the senses.

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