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Virgin Gorda’s northern side has no ambient light, so the canopy of stars shines brilliantly at sea.

Bitter End Yacht Club off ers private cruises for couples that are accompanied by an astronomy expert who shares knowledge of the heavenly bodies above the BVI.

After the cruise, sit down to a private dinner as the yacht club’s chef creates a memorable tasting meal with Bitter End favorites, such as broiled lobster tail and housemade creamy pumpkin soup.

Rooms from $425.

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Books from the Castle Library were her greatest delight, seabirds and their eggs (for the larder) and seashells her pet diversions. Tragically, poor Grace only lived another four years after the famous rescue: she died of consumption (tuberculosis) on 20 October 1842 and was buried in Bamburgh churchyard. A very pleasant dive at the eastern end of the Bluecaps, with an overhanging cliff dropping away to 23 metres and large boulders at the bottom against the wall. Lots of small fish swimming around, mostly coley and the odd codling and ballan wrasse. Low water is the best time to dive because you can see where the Bluecaps drop away, although it is quite easy to pick it up with an echo sounder. The submerged part of the cliff runs well out into Crayford’s Gut and slopes down until it bottoms out onto sand and stone at around 28 metres. It is an excellent scenic dive and a good first deepy’ for the novice diver, as there is not too much current, except on springs, and you are close to the islet. A few crustaceans can sometimes be found in the crevices and under the large boulders at the bottom is fairly interesting with a few ledges and crevices at the eastern end at Crayford’s Gut, where the bottom drops away down in steps to18 metres. The depth inside the channel is only 5-8 metres. This dive can be combined with site (l) unless you wish to explore the kelp-covered rocky reefs further north into Crayford’s Gut.

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