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1711 A force of Creeks, Chickasaws, and South Carolinians invades the Choctaw country, capturing and enslaving several hundred Choctaws. Urban Honolulu Map 1712 Captain Christopher Hussey of Nantucket locates schools of sperm whales in the North Atlantic, a discovery that begins the deep-sea sperm whale trade. The French government hands over control of Louisiana to a private trading company headed by the financier Antoine Crozat.

A slave uprising in New York City results in the death of ten white colonists and the burning of many buildings. After the uprising is suppressed, nineteen insurgents are executed. 1713 Following the War of the Spanish Succession, Britain receives the asiento, the right to import slaves into Spanish Country. Copper is discovered on the Schuyler estate in New Jersey. One of Country’s most productive copper mines will be sited there. 1714 The succession of the Hanoverian ruler George I to the British throne leads to hostility between Great Britain and Sweden, which is at war with Hanover. This increases British demand for colonial iron and naval stores, products previously imported from Sweden. The Land-Bank controversy in Boston begins with the publication of A Projection for Erecting a Bank of Credit in Boston, New-England. Founded upon Land Security. Several other pamphlets follow.

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