6 Beaches You Should Put On Your Bucket List

For those who love basking in the Sun and the cool blue waters, finding the best beach spots is a necessity. We are blessed to have several beautiful beaches all around the world with different environments and beach styles. Depending on whether you like relaxing at the beach calmly, or wish to party in the sands, here is a list of 6 beaches that must be on the bucket list of everyone who enjoys them. 1. Santa Cruz Beaches, California The classic spot for sunbathing for people as well as celebrities, the 30 mile long coastline of Santa Cruz beaches have something for everyone. Whether you are a fan of surfing, you can enjoy the thrill at Steamer Lane and if you wish to get a little romance at the beach, the Seascape beach is the spot to be at. From amusement parks, restaurants and long boardwalk, to the rides and games for kids and adults, the Santa Cruz beach is the definition of a good time. 2. Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janero You don’t think about Rio de Janero without imagining Christ The Redeemer and the fabulous white sand beaches. With a freedom of expression and clothing that has spread through the entire city, the Ipanema beach is preferred by people who like bathing topless. If you are looking for a part beach to show off your hard earned body, this is the beach you should head out to. 3. Pattaya Beach, Thailand It is no surprise that the Pattaya beach has made it to this list, as they are some of the most visited beaches in the world.

With a beautiful crescent coastline that stretches about 4km, but the sea and sand isn’t the only attraction of the wonderful Pattaya beach. Popular for jet skis, parasailing, speed boating and much more, the coastline is home to several beach style restaurants and resorts. 4. Hanalei Bay Beach, Hawaii The Hanalei beach does not only offer a beautiful crescent coastline on the margin of deep blue waters, but offers a picturesque view of the horizon. The white sand beaches are surrounded by several spring water ponds and waterfalls, along with formidable mountain peaks that etch through the region. Hanalei beach is an award winning spot for surfing around the winter season, which draws crowds from all around the globe. 5. Tulum Beach, Mexico If you find joy in visiting beaches that is filled with visitors, the Tulum beach situated near the famous Mayan ruins is just where you need to be. About 80 miles from Cancun which is also known for its springing tourists spots and resorts, this beach still has regions where you could enjoy a peaceful and relaxing time with no sound between you and the waves. 6. South Beach, Florida The South Beach of Miami is probably the most televised beaches in the world, and you have probably seen it once on TV before. For all those who like to view the beauty of nature and well as the beauty of women, this beach is the right place. However, the true glory of the South beach is apparent at nighttime when the parties start, and you are most likely to spot a celebrity enjoying themselves in the sand here as well.

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