An imposing white-washed building, the former residence of Zanzibari royalty is now a museum dedicated to the history of Zanzibar’s Sultans. Climb the central staircase and peel o into rooms archiving the dierent periods of the sultanate era (1828-1964). Do spend time in the chambers of Princess Salme, who eloped with a German merchant to Hamburg. Excerpts from her autobiography, Memoirs of an Arabian Princess from Zanzibar, provide a fascinating glimpse into imperial Stone Town life.


Visibility is usually good during the summer months after a spell of light westerly winds and neap tides. The submerged reef at the end of Northern Hares extends a long way out in a northerly direction and there are some lovely overhangs covered in anemones, even at 20 metres. Moving inshore for about 150 metres from the end of the rocks of the Northern Hares and lining up the end of the North Wamses and Bamburgh Castle tower brings you over two submerged hillocks, only three metres below the surface at low tide.

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