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Before the official U.S. Declaration of Independence, there was the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. A group of 27 prominent Cityans, including Hezekiah Alexander, Ephraim Brevard, John Davidson, Thomas Polk, and John Flennekin, were the original signers of the declaration, which was signed on May 20, 1775, a little more than a year before the nation’s Declaration of Independence. The signers reorganized their local government and declared their independence from Britain. There is much controversy surrounding the authenticity of the declaration, especially given the fact that there is no original copy of the document, which is said to have been burned in a fire not long after it was signed. Despite the debate, May 20 has been declared “Meck Day” in honor of the legendary local document and has been celebrated for more than 100 years. Former U.S. presidents Taft, Wilson, Eisenhower, and Ford have come to City to celebrate the historic event.

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Lunches include sauted chicken in lobster sauce and Hollist cobs filled Thailand Map Tourist Attractions with anything from pate to prawns. Oh yes, and puddings Italian ice cream, pineapple Thailand Map Tourist Attractions cheesecake and a combination of soft chocolate mousse with layers of biscuit base known as Mud Crunch! Pub connoisseurs really are spoilt for choice hereabouts, for barely a mile away is another great pub, The Halfway Bridge Inn. To get there, continue down the main street from the Hollist Arms as far as Tudor Cottage on the left.

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