Lanzhou Vacations

In the fields and paddies the girls’ colourful attire makes them Lanzhou Vacations very noticeable, working on their haunches in scattered groups. While working they often call to Lanzhou Vacations each other in song. The replies come back in song; the songs’ words are spontaneous and the ”girls carry on witty question and answer conversations, improvising as they go along.

When girls and young men are courting they frequently make love songs together in the same way. On market day (Monday) I caught a bus to Xingping, a short journey but the road was busy with traffic of ox-carts, pony-carts and taxi pony-carts going to the market. I arrived early and from the few stall holders already in position I managed to buy some hot, doughy molasses pancakes.

Live piglets ran riot and got their strings in a terrible Nanchang Vacations tangle around their leader’s legs. I tried not to laugh. If the people had had Nanchang Vacations any choice they wouldn’t have walked past me (my camera was in action) but the causeway was too long and narrow for detours. The girls were particularly shy, the prettiest ones being the shyest. One who had to stop and adjust her load was wearing nine layers of headdress. The steady flow of people began to fill the marketplace.

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