Hey from Hoover it is February 22nd 2018, and I am on top of the world literally on top of the world hi through hip now. So, I’m up here on this waterfall, and it’s actually a photo shoot going on these two are brothers, and they just want a swimwear line yeah swimwear, and they asked if I wanted to take some photos in their board shorts oh that’s a wrap how do the pictures look good I have a little bit of bad news this morning I crashed my throne first thing I did when I got here was i launched the drone the signal went out drone is now somewhere in the jungle I regret to inform everyone that the drone porn of the past few Bali posts for now until I get a new one the drone porn is done. So your friends saw the drone disappear into the jungle right yeah we’ll do a little search mission for it after we find it absolutely incredible I highly recommend if you’re coming to this waterfall get here very very early oh my gosh it’s a miracle we have spotted the drone up in the force you can barely see it should we go get it, I’ll go get it I cannot believe that we actually found the drone. So down from below we found where the drone up spell, and luckily it crash-landed on some leaves from over this way. So that’s the waterfall way in the distance come over here it is right over here in that brush. But if it’s a solid ground. So you can’t walk through here do we risk potentially falling down a cliff to get to Girona most likely not.


But here’s the meat you’re missing it give them each men hey take it easy see guys. So drone of rescue mission has been aborted it was just too dangerous there’s snakes in there there’s a cliff it’s not stable ground. So his friend works here the lifeguard he’s going to go, and I guess do his thing apparently this happens a lot like I said with these drones I see the drone as a tool to get cool angles when I travel. Because when you don’t have a drone you know you’re stuck on the ground like everyone else. But the drone gives such a new perspective for travel to get very cool drone shots it sounds really bad. But you almost have to be willing to crash it that makes sense not that, I’m saying go crash your drone. But to get the cool shots it kind of got to use this to its max see you guys that’s nice people.

But like I was saying you have to just the drone is a thing it’s a material object, I’m not going to let it ruin my day by any means with that said, I’m going to go to my second waterfall now although without the drone it’s not going to be quite the same. But still yeah waterfall chasing, and volley let’s hit it. So this next waterfall is cebu mana waterfall, and this one’s a bit more off to being passed way way out in the jungle if you’re looking for a waterfall that’s a lot less touristy this is the one. But to get there it’s quite a hike through the woods we’re getting there I can hear the roar of the water now you gotta be nice. But uh going on the marvels of changes that we made now, I’m not trying to be me you hate to go till you see wait until today you didn’t we laughs yeah my legs cooking class all up in your grill trying to a whole today oh go ladies I feel. So amazing I feel just like I fully understand why people move out here the peace of mind out here in nature is something that you can’t find in a lot of places in the world, and power of nature the power of water I mean, I’m a water creature I love the water. So to see something like that even without the drone fantastic amazing with the drone out of this world if that means I have to come back here.

But, I’m gonna make my way back to the villa now there’s a lot of stuff out here that can really really mess up your day while Daddy Flex is investigating my shirt. But I need this shirt that I want to get sunburned. But I don’t to piss them all what is he doing now he’s doing some kind of butt dance come on hold up just one second photo we got your drone, and now we keep it at my friend shop when you have time come here, and take it what are the odds of that you can’t write this stuff when you get out, and travel or while the stuff that happens when you get out there you can’t make up I cannot even believe it I’ve gotten to that point out when I lose a drone I just accepted that it’s gone, and I accept that it’s a tool to make beautiful posts, and capture moments, and that I can just get a new one let’s change the plans we have a drone get back at the first waterfall, and as you can see it’s super super touristy the later you come in the day, and I think it’s in here I lost a drone that drone I believe it is right yes yes oh my gosh did you find it mine’s not your brother did I don’t know about is he here right now just don’t ever ever want to, I’ll go thank him he’s a lifeguard right yeah okay oh my gosh I can’t thank you enough. So yeah everything seems to be working fine I didn’t know this it’s like dumb luck the fact that he went down there with a bamboo pole, and fish this out of the jungle snake probably is all that kind of crap in there if you want to go waterfall in Bali come early, and the earlier the better honestly, I’m going to come back you’re probably tomorrow right at sunrise, and just post this thing. Because I want to make a sick Bali post, I’m making a few posts while in Bali, and I want to have really sick drone footage of this waterfall. But yeah right now it’s just about one o’clock it is high high noon fifth hour going to head back to the villa take a catnap go from there back at the Casa, and I just got some big news of really big news there jabbing it towards, and Borges hit me up, and tomorrow is my last day in Bali originally the plan was the stand Bali for the 2nd of March. But I just got an email from the Tourism Board I have one day in Tokyo, and then I fly out the next morning to Okinawa where, I’m going to be diving, and swimming with whale sharks, and surfing all that Gonzalez for the home stretch for the volley post I’ve been thinking about this trip, and this is just real talk in the post I just it’s interesting this trip.

Because, I’m not going to lie this trip has been sort of lonely you know it’s not like I was in Venice, and I had all my boys here I know the guys trip it’s not like, I’m with a girlfriend or something like that I came down here with people that I didn’t really know you know I met them through the internet, and I just said yes to a trip to Bali. Because I always wanted to come to Bali then this trip went from a backpacker is kind of adventure trip to staying in amazing places like this just thing about traveling is you learn from travel my good friend who I had that deep meaningful conversation with that night on the island the hammock Island the Sun, and the other pop you can take it the road less traveled yeah. So you never that’s our that sense you’re just these that is the destiny you make feel. So how do you go through the time you’re going to find me we said you come questions about anchors you went there they have the right question how do you how do you find that specific question, and put it out to the network the answers our land the earth energy is it he was saying that the questions will find you, and the questions are more important than the answers, and on this trip I found a lots of questions that I need to answer, and I have answers to some of those questions. But every travel trip teaches you something even if on the trip you are not aware of it. But this trip is taught me a lot it’s taught me a lot about the people I surround myself with it taught me a lot about the people I have in my life it’s taught me a lot about the things I value in travel, and for me on this trip it’s been solitude it’s been going along on that motorcycle, and cruising down the road hitting up a waterfall with no people, and swimming I hit that’s some deep talk right now fathom deep talk I think it’s a fitness thing. Because I have not been working out too much on this trip, and your boys getting a little bit soft portal trapped in the portal it is now one of 45 in the morning.

So I guess it’s officially my last day in Bali now what should i do what should i do actually I know what, I’m going to do, I’m going to get some sleep, and wake up early well it already is kind of early when is the period when it goes from being laid to being early I think it’s like in my mind it’s like 4:30 5:00 m5m is early in the morning for is late at night as you like today’s post as always smash that thumbs up button leave a comment down below your favorite Park save view log interesting trip Bali. So far. But I am more than far like Japan is going to be ridiculous, I’m only there for four days Japan’s one of my favorite countries in the whole world it’s amazing you know it’s just like the momentum of the year it started, and it’s going to be going until June like it’s going to be non-stop until June then all of the summer in New York City. But let’s be here let me now is be present going to finish this I will see you tomorrow from Bali. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion, and now I retreat to my honeymoon suite by myself, and my big gum, and my cookies on my bed.


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