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6239 South Blvd. 704/552-8448,

HOURS: Mon. Sat. 10 A.M.-9 P.M. Sun. noon-8 P.M.

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South End’s independent music store knows all about the digital download trend but refuses to jump on the virtual bandwagon. Here, music is sold the old-fashioned way. Buyers can flip through thousands of CDs and albums, examining their covers, scouring the list of tracks, and reading the liner notes. The stock is well organized and the staff has photographic memories when it comes to finding a vintage vinyl or rare title among the stacks. On the off chance the album you’re looking for isn’t in the store, the staff will order it at no extra cost.

Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories

In the national retail stores found in the malls, the shelves are stocked with the season’s latest fashions. The independent shops listed here also stock trendy piecesand complement them with a mix of items that are truly unique to each store. Some of the shops listed here offer an eclectic mix of items; the categories are meant to act as a general guideline. Some of the shops listed as women’s clothiers might also stock great items for men and children; boutiques known for having an amazing selection of shoes might also stock handbags and hair accessories.

Early Life Born the son of a country gentleman in Suffolk, England, in 1588, John Winthrop enjoyed a comfortable life. Johannesburg/East Rand Map Tourist Attractions Following two years of studying law at Trinity College at Cambridge University, Winthrop returned home as the steward and justice of the peace of his father’s estate. Although Winthrop’s journals describe his youth as wild and dissolute, by the time of his return home, the 18-year-old was married and had clearly begun to develop a sense of his inherited Puritanism. Like many Englishmen in the early seventeenth century, Winthrop was increasingly alarmed by the growing sense of the Anglican church’s oppression of dissent. By the mid-1620s, ministers who refused to adhere strictly to all Anglican tenets were being silenced in growing numbers. It was clear that religious intolerance was on the rise.

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