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Ocean Fishing :

Recognized as the best location in the world for big game Marlin fishing, with some of the great billfish reaching over 1,000 pounds. Cabo is home to the huge angling competition called Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Jackpot Tournament, which occurs in late October. Total prize money is over $ 1 million, with first place in the 5400,000 range for the biggest marlin. One week prior to the Bisbee is the Gold Cup Sports-fishing Tournament. The marlin types are blue and striped, also readily caught are wahoo, sharks, yellow fin tuna, roosterfish, sailfish, and dorado.

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The marina is just a few miles from the majr hotels, and you can arrange your charter the day before with little difficulty, except during special events. Day rates vary obviously, but expect to pay about $4-500 for a full day of fishing. Even if the fish aren’t biting like you’d want, the views make it a great day on the water. It also helps if you bring an obscene amount of booze to guarantee your fun. Remember, the charters are BYOH, bring your own hooker. We can vouch that local strip club girls will be your all day boat sex assistant for about $200. They will assist in any and every pole problem each fisherman requires. Optimistically, we assume they smell better than the fish you’ll be catching. Hopefully that’s all you’ll be catching.

You’ll fish these famous waters in the finest fleet of Cabo Yachts in the world. Because we are also a dealer for Cabo Yachts, our fleet is always upgraded with the latest high-performance models.

At Land’s End where the Pacific Ocean joins the Sea of Cortez, Sea lions, turtles, huge Sea Bass all loitering around for views of the topless beach. Marauding schools of game fish brought in by large schools of baitfish such as sardines and greenjacks. Pelagics such as whale sharks and mantas also spotted in this area also morays, octopus, tropicals, etc.. Average depth of 60′.

Divers in Baja can explore shipwrecks, seamounts and an abundance of large sea life. Best visibility is during the summer months, and of course the water is warmest then, usually in the 80’s. Varied schedules depending on dive, equipment, professional guide, tanks, and weights. Certification card required. Refreshments and boat transportation included. Approximate cost: $ 45 for one tank, $ 90 for two tanks.

For the best snorkeling in all of Los Cabos, head out through the Cabo San Lucas Bay along the scenic coastline to Santa Maria Cove to the remote cove the Playa del Amor (Beach of Love). Approximate rental cost: $45 per person.

Jet Skis and Parasailing :

Available all along the beach. The jet skis run $40 per half hour.

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