169 Niagara St, Toronto, 416-703-4222 CUISINE: Spanish DRINKS: Full Bar

SERVING: Dinner; closed Mon & Tues PRICE RANGE: $$$$


This cozy eatery offers a seasonal menu of fresh local ingredients. There are two choices here: a 5-course tasting menu and a 7-course tasting menu. Good wine selection and tasty fresh baked bread. Favorites include: Sockeye salmon and Lamb stewed with seasonal vegetables.


With the boat anchored, the awesome power of the wave dragged the RHIB down to the bottom, where she turned turtle, before surfacing again upside down. The force of water knocked the wind out of him and the pressure of being pushed down so quickly almost burst his ear drums, while the spare rope, which had been washed out from the bow section, got tangled round his legs on the way up. He said the length of time underwater felt like an eternity and he thought he was going to drown. After the boat surfaced, he dragged himself out of the tangled mass and out from underneath the Flatacraft, gasping for air, only to find his legs still trapped by the ankles. He then had to take another breath of air and submerge to free his legs before clambering exhausted onto the hull. Fortunately it was a freak wave, being the only one that curled and broke, or the situation could have been a lot more serious than it was for both of us. We could not fathom out where it had come from, unless it was caused by the long trailing wake of a ship out at sea, which sometimes does happen. Anyone contemplating diving in this particular area should also bear in mind that one of the lobster boats from Seahouses shoots his crab/lobster creels around here on a regular basis. He does not take too kindly to diving boats and divers being anywhere in the vicinity of his surface marker dans’ or creels. and the creels zigzag all over the place on the seabed.

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