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Sunday as a day of rest; but also the measures against schisms and heresies, and even the intervention against the Donatists in Africa Councils of Rome of 313 and Arles in 314 and the calling of the Council of Nicaea in 325, to resolve the Arian controversy, which threatened the unity of the ecclesia catholica. The meaning of the formula evpi,skopoj twn evkto,j bishop of those outside? by which Constantine was designated, according to Eusebius of Caesarea, has been discussed at length by modern critics: we must suppose that the emperor opposed or rather compared his own power over affairs or persons outside of the institution of the church to the power of the bishops over church affairs, thus fixing the relationship between church and empire. The abandonment of Rome as capital and the refounding of Byzantium under the name of Constantinople, destined to become the new Rome, whose dedicatio took place in 330 with pagan rites and Christian ceremonies, physically marked the break with tradition and moved the empire’s center of gravity to the East: but to some extent it also represented esp. for the anti-Constantinian historical tradition the creation of a Christian capital to the detriment of pagan Rome, which it drained of economic and human resources. The last years of Constantine’s life saw an approach to Arian positions: he was baptized by a bishop of Arian tendency shortly before his death near Nicomedia in May 337.

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1638 Maryland’s second assembly meets in January, and Denver Subway Map again runs into conflict with Lord Baltimore’s desires for the colony. In theory, the Denver Subway Map assembly is a gathering of all free men in the colony, but many men depart the council after a day or two, in essence leaving behind a representative body. The assembly votes against Baltimore’s veto of the earlier laws, and forwards its own statutes to him. The conflict is not as bitter as it may seem; the code of laws eventually includes measures proposed by Lord Baltimore. 1639 A more regular body of legislators meets at St. Mary’s City; these men are chosen by constituents from their home areas. Governor Calvert also personally summons five men to sit as an advisory council, which would later become the Council of State. 1642 Records indicate that the first Africans are imported into St. Mary’s City around this date. For fifty years, however, Maryland’s planters rely mainly on European indentured servants.

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