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0.0 From the Trail Center, walk towards the lake and turn right on the Little Two Harbors Trail which follows the shore of the small pebble-beach cove.

0.4 Where the trail turns sharply to the right and away from the lake, look for an old building foundation on your right. In 150 feet, bear left passing a trail on the right to Campsite #1.

0.6 Trail intersection beginning the circuit portion of this hike; turn right on the Day Hill Trail.

0.9 Intersection with the spur trail to the top of Day Hill (in 0.2 mile) on the left. It is a steep but short climb with great views of Lake Superior (47° 111 35.9″ N 91° 23′ 1.7″ W).

1.3 Back on the main circuit trail from the summit.

1.4 Trail intersection; bear right leaving the Day Hill Trail as it continues to the left.

1.6 Trail intersection; bear right, cross U.S. Highway 61, and pick up the trail on the other side of the road. The trail ascends along the east side of Split Rock Creek.

1.8 A small bench provides a pleasant resting spot from which to view a waterfall on the creek.

2.3 Trail intersection with the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT); bear left. This section of the hike follows a portion of the old Merrill Logging Road.

2.4 Bridge over Split Rock Creek; bear right on the SHT immediately after crossing the bridge, leaving the Merrill Logging Road Trail as it continues to the left. The trail now becomes a narrow footpath.

3.1 Trail emerges from the forest at an overlook with views of the North Shore.

3.5 Trail intersection; the trail to the right leads to a shelter in 500 feet and an excellent overlook of Split Rock River valley and Lake Superior. The main loop continues to the left at this point. Pass two trails on your left before reaching U.S. Highway 61.

3.8 U.S. Highway 61; cross the road and bear right towards an access road. Turn left on the old blacktop paralleling U.S. Highway 61.

4.1 Trail intersection; turn right leaving the old road. At the next intersection, in 100 feet, turn left.

4.5 Bear right passing a trail to the left.

4.7 Spur trail on the right leads to a backpack campsite.

4.8 Trail intersection; bear left passing the Corundum Mine Trail to the right. This spur reaches an old mine site in 0.1 mile.

4.9 Trail intersection; bear right passing the trail to the left.

5.0 Bridge crossing Split Rock Creek. Immediately after crossing the bridge bear right passing the trail to the left.

5.2 Spur trail to the right leads to another backpack campsite.

5.3 Intersection with the Day Hill Trail; bear right.

5.6 Trail intersection completing the circuit portion of this hike; bear right to return to the trailhead.

6.2 Trail Center.

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