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Doctrina. A Spanish mission compound, including the church complex San Jose Subway Map and surrounding Native Country villages, which provided crops and labor to support the community. Doublet. San Jose Subway Map A close-fitting garment for men, covering the body from the neck to the waist or just below, either with or without sleeves. It was worn by European men from the fifteenth through the seventeenth century. Dower.

Members utilized private space to create impromptu public amenities and encourage social connectivity in response to residents’ stated or perceived needs. In 2006 artist member Rudy J. Luijters established an edible garden in 2006 on land around The Blue House as a communal food source to be maintained and enjoyed by the residents of Block 35. In the absence of a motel, artist member Eveline de Munck Mortuer conceived an ecological hotel employing patrons’ parked cars supplemented by use of a resident’s bathroom and lounge. Prior to the opening of IJburg’s public tram, members provided bikes for free use and during 2007 resident Peter van Keulen offered passage on his boat for a small charge. Despite the spirit of autonomy, soon his IJboot was identified by a real estate agent as a feature to promote to new home buyers.

Other communitarian responses included an improvised outdoor Blauwe Huis Cinema coordinated by resident Usha Mahabiersing and other members after gaining collective agreement from the block to utilize their courtyard for seating. The films that were screened examined the theme of neighbours and communities. The cinema screen, hung on a temporary structure employing scaffolding, entitled Pump Up the Blue (2007) was designed by Paraponaris, and effectively doubled the volume of the house with space at the front and top of the building. Atop Paraponaris’ structure, the Chill-ROOM was proposed as a meeting and activity space for local teenagers in the absence of a formal youth community centre (to be built in 2012). The concept was initiated by Ingrid Meus, a student in social art seminars run for a Dutch art institution at The Blue House. Pump Up the Blue and the Chill-ROOM were more intrusive forms of cultural production compared to the objective of information gathering in anthropological fieldwork. Both projects provoked a controversy that revealed the misalignment between private and public interests in Block 35.

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