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The grape-harvesting dance was another local favourite. The Best places to travel to in China girls gracefully plucking grapes from the air, tasting them, twirling away because they were so Best places to travel to in China bitter, and finding more imaginary bunches. I was impressed with the way they danced right down to their finger tips. Marco Polo had observed that the people of Hami (an oasis nearby) are addicted to pleasure, and attend to little else than playing upon instruments, singing, dancing

At St. John’s Cemetery, we asked Eunice and her husband, William Henry, if there had been one or two murderers; the response was, “Get it straight.” Seems the spirits were chastising us for not knowing the facts.

Another EVP was recorded on Jeff’s recorder near Judd’s grave. I asked, “Do you know who killed your family?” The simple response was, “Yes.”

Again, at Judd’s grave site, I asked if he had killed Jacob, Eunice and William (William Henry Holcomb), the wind had picked up with each name called out. What Bev and I discovered in analysis was the sound of spoken words buried within the sound of wind. The words were certainly not ours. After cleaning the audio, the words we believe it says, “I think I did.” This is rather perplexing. Wouldn’t Judd know for certain if he had or had not committed the murders? You can hear this audio clip in our Web site.

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