A Holiday For Wedding

Jessica Janik, founder of weddingplanning company The Invisible Bridesmaid, shares the pros and cons of picking the three-day weekend for your big day away.

PROS A destination wedding is a great excuse to go on a vacation, and it allows your guests to take a break from work without using extra PTO. Attendees will get a bonus day to recover and travel home before heading back to work.

Over a holiday weekend, guests are feeling festive and might be more willing to let loose (ensuring an awesome party).

CONS It’s the last long weekend before school starts, and guests might already have vacations booked. Higher rates for hotels and fl ights could cause guests to decline, so your guest list might shrink. Vendors are in high demand for the holiday, so rates could increase.

A holiday weekend wedding might be viewed as selfi sh, since guests won’t get to choose how they spend their vacation time.

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