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But should the same Holland Company, contrary to all better Korea, South Map hopes, allow themselves to undertake any hostility, or make any attack, then, in such Korea, South Map case, it will only be proper to be prepared with the best means that circumstances will allow, and so seek to repel force by force; therefore, as this, like everything else, is best judged of and decided on the ground, so also does Her Royal Majesty place it in the Governor’s discretion to meet such vexations, in the first instance, with kind admonitions, but, if these are not effective, then with severity, according to the best of his understanding, so as to arrange everything to the best advantage and honor alike of Her Royal Majesty and the members of the Company.

But if no such troubles arise, which it is hoped will be the case, and Her Royal Majesty and her subjects remain undisturbed in that which they have rightfully brought into their possession, then shall the Governor hold good friendship and neighborhood with the aforesaid Hollanders at Fort Nassau, and with those who dwell upon the North River at Mankatan’s, or New Amsterdam, as also with the English who dwell in the country of Virginia, and make no inroads upon any of them, nor interfere with that of which they are in the actual possession. Especially, since the adjacent English in Virginia have already commenced to offer Her Royal Majesty’s subjects in New Sweden all kinds of useful assistance, and to let them procure, upon reasonable payment, such cattle and seed-corn as they may desire; therefore shall the Governor continually seek to give free and undisturbed course to the correspondence and commerce thus begun with the English, to the use and benefit of Her Royal Majesty’s subjects aforesaid. 8. Those Hollanders who have emigrated to New Sweden, and settled there under the protection of Her Royal Majesty and the Swedish crown, over whom Jost von deco Boyandh has command, the Governor shall treat, according to the contents of the charter and privileges conferred by Her Royal Majesty, of the principles whereof the Governor has been advised; but in other respects he shall show them all good-will and kindness, yet so that he shall hold them also to the same, that they, also, upon their side, comply with the requisitions of their charter which they have received. And inasmuch as notice has already been given them that they have settled too near to Fort Christina, and as houses are said to be built at the distance of almost three miles from that place, they should therefore leave that place, and betake themselves to a somewhat greater distance from the said fort.

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