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Once the partiality of the collections he produced had been recognized, Macarius, who persisted in his ideas, was condemned and deposed sessions of 20 and 22 March 681. After other discussions of lesser importance, in the final two sessions 11 and 16 September the council’s final document was drawn up. It was subscribed to in the emperor’s presence by the participants, whose numbers had risen to 164. The council condemned the main supporters, living and dead, of monoenergism and monothelitism, including Sergius of Constantinople, Cyrus of Alexandria, Honorius of Rome and Macarius himself. In its profession of faith it confirmed that as Christ has two natures, so he has two perfectly harmonious wills and two inseparable energies. This council was called by Justinian II to supplement the decrees of the 5th and 6th ecumenical councils by disciplinary rules: for this reason it was called Quinisext, and like the 6th in Trullo from the room in which the meetings were held. It opened on 1 September 692 in the presence of the emperor and over 200 Eastern bishops or their representatives; Bishop Sergius of Rome was represented by three delegates.

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1571 The Spanish physician Francisco Hernández arrives in Mexico with a United States Map royal commission to carry out scientific exploration. He will return to Spain in 1577; his work United States Map is never to be published in complete form. 1577 An English translation of Monardes’s book, Joyfull Newes out of the New Founde Worlde, Written in Spanish by Nicholas Monardes Physician of Seville and Englished by John Frampton, Merchant, is published. 1580 John Florio’s English translation of Jacques Cartier’s accounts of his voyages is published as A Short and Briefe Narration of the Two Navigations and Discoveries to the Northweast Partes Called New Fraunce.

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