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Wolfe, James (1727–1759) On January 2, 1727, James Wolfe was born into an important British military family at their Kent estate. Czech Republic Map Along with his younger brother, he was educated with the aim of being commissioned into the army. In 1741, he became a second lieutenant in the 1st Marine Regiment. Wolfe took part in the Ghent campaign as an adjutant, and he was present at the Battle of Dettingen. He impressed the Duke of Cumberland, the commander in chief, sufficiently to be promoted to first lieutenant, then captain of the 4th Foot in 1744.

Recalled to Britain in November 1745 because of the Jacobite Rising, he served at the Battle of Falkirk and as aide-de-camp to General Henry Hawley at Culloden in April of 1746. Wolfe impressed his superior, General Henry Hawley, in helping suppress the Jacobite Rising in 1745. Hawley then further groomed Wolfe by promoting him to staff officer and ordering him to coordinate raids from Fort Augustus against the remaining Jacobites. In the fall of 1746, Wolfe returned to the continental theater as a major and was wounded badly at the Battle of Maastricht.

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