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CONTINUATIO ANTIOCHIENSIS EUSEBII. A continuation of the Chronici canones of Eusebius of Caesarea. Burgess has reconstructed the text based on Jerome’s Chronaca, that of Theophane, the Chronaca composita and the Chronicon Paschale. It was written at Antioch in ca. 350, translated into Syriac in the late 4th c. and summarized in Syriac in the early 5th c. It continues the list of the bishops of Antioch, Jerusalem and Alexandria, interrupted by Eusebius at 303, and is the only source relating the construction by Constantine of a bridge on the Danube 328, the destruction of the temples at Antioch 331, the fire in the basilica of Nicomedia 332 and the organization of the port of Seleucia 346. R.W. Burgess, Studies in Eusebian and Post-Eusebian Chronography, Stuttgart 1999.

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1682 William Penn founds the colony of Pennsylvania as a refuge Nigeria Subway Map for Quakers fleeing persecution in England. Penn, through intermediaries, establishes peace with the Lenni Lenape Nigeria Subway Map (called the Delaware by the English) and other smaller tribes. Eventually, the Quaker colony is surrounded by a ring of Native Country groups that have migrated from as far away as South Carolina. Though Penn has practical reasons for this namely, his desire to protect his colony against Iroquois and French attacks, he also makes a point of purchasing Native Countrys’ lands, and word of Pennsylvania’s fair treatment of natives spreads. The period between the 1680s and the 1740s comes to be known as the Long Peace. Mary Rowlandson, who was held captive by Native Countrys after a raid on Lancaster, Massachusetts, during King Philip’s War, publishes The Soveraignty and Goodness of God, the first and most popular example of a genre known as captivity narratives.

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