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CONSTANS II, emperor d. 668. Grandson of the Byzantine emperor Heraclius d. 11 February 641, ascended the throne in September 641 aged 11, under the tutelage of the Senate; later called Pogonatus “Bearded”. He tried without success to stop the advance of the Arabs, who conquered N Africa and sacked territories of Asia Minor; the civil war between Arabs saved the Byzantine Empire. Intolerant of limitations on his power, he had his brother Theodosius, rightful co-regent, killed in 660. Popular hatred of the “new Cain” was further fed by his cruel repression of orthodox opponents of his religious policy esp. Maximus the Confessor and Pope Martin, who had openly condemned the imperial edict of 648 Typos which forbade any discussion of Christ’s will and energy object of the monothelite controversy see Monoenergism – Monothelitism and the abolition of Heraclius’s Echthesis. In 642 he waged a campaign against the Arabs which hinged on the West, whose renewed strategic and economic importance was implicitly recognized as the center of Greek resistance in the Mediterranean: its total failure was followed by Constans II’s assassination in 668 at Syracuse, where the imperial capital had been transferred.

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1738 The election of 1738 brings about a shift in Maryland Curitiba Metro Map politics. Charles Carroll, a wealthy Protestant landowner, intellectual, merchant, and iron producer is Curitiba Metro Map one of several prominent new faces. The Assembly once again begins to grumble about the authoritarian leanings of the proprietorship. Governor Ogle dismisses the legislature, and Calvert eventually replaces him with Thomas Bladen. 1754 Fighting breaks out in the Ohio River Valley, and within a matter of years, England and France are waging war on a global scale. Maryland only barely joins with the other British colonies in what begins as an effort to defend the colonies against Native Country and French aggression and turns into a battle for North Country.

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